For almost two decades, Rob Nixon has shaped the success strategies for many of the world’s best accounting businesses. He has dedicated his career to researching and developing the most cutting-edge resources and tools to enable professional services firms to reach their full potential. He has spoken to over 1,700 live audiences all around the world, as well as sharing his knowledge through his book, Accounting Practices Don’t Add Up – Why they don’t and what to do about it.

Rob is a highly dynamic speaker who uses humour, compassion and compelling information to move audiences into action. His speaking work has taken him to six countries where he has spoken to over 70,000 Accountants. He accompanies his speeches with captivating presentations created from the wealth of knowledge gained from leading the accounting profession.

Rob’s exceptional skills ensure that the audience realise their untapped potential. They take away with them truly tangible and effective tools they can use to master and accelerate their own success and achievements. Rob has assisted thousands of professionals and their businesses to achieve long-lasting, breakthrough performance results.

Based on extensive research and daily contact with Accountants, Rob’s content is original, provocative and uniquely relevant to businesses that want to differentiate themselves. Rob can engage an audience of 10 or 1,000.

He is available for speaking engagements to businesses around Australia and internationally, addressing topics such as professional services models, workflow & capacity, client attraction & retention, sales, marketing, team engagement, accountability & growth and increasing revenue & profit. If you are interested in improving client retention, team commitment, and achieving peak performance for your accounting business, Rob will be your ideal speaker.

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Here are some topics (& learning outcomes) that I am a subject matter expert on: Target audience – CPA’s and Book Keepers.

Capitalizing on the Cloud
The cloud revolution is upon you – you might as well embrace it
Getting your firm ready for the impending changes – there are some pitfalls
How to seamlessly move your clients from desktop to cloud accounting software
New services you can deliver with the real time data
How to win the cloud race and make money at the same time

Remaining Relevant
Why the profession is getting disrupted by technology
If you don’t change your business model then you’ll be changed
What the firm of the future looks like
How to maintain and grow your trusted advisor status
The 8 key strategies you must embrace now to future proof your firm

Delivering Business Advisory Services
It’s a hot topic but why should you do it
What business owners want – recent survey results
Which are the best (most profitable) business advisory services
How to market & sell business advisory services
How to deliver business advisory services

How to grow your firm
Re-invent, grow or die – there is no other way
Building capacity so you can grow
Developing niche markets & specializations – who to target
What marketing works and what is a waste of money & energy
How to sell something to everyone

How to make obscene profits as a CPA
For maximum profits you need a different model
Why focusing on utilization & realization is a waste of time
What to measure and what not to measure
Old pricing methods must cease to exist – charge rates must go
Structuring your firm for maximum profit