Panalitix is cloud software that makes it easy to analyse and monitor your clients’ financial status all on one real-time dashboard. It helps accountants add value to compliance and offer business advisory services, by helping you to create conversations with your clients around their numbers. Totally customisable, you set the criteria for the information you want to see, when you want.

PANALITIX consolidates every one of your clients onto a one page dashboard to monitor their performance in real time against the KPI’s set.  NO DOWNLOAD, Panalitix will automatically pull all data in from your client’s cloud solution.

It’s EASY TO USE – All you need is headline financial information for the past three financial years. This can be easily collected by your accounting team as they complete the end of year financial statements.

The role of PANALITIX

PANALITIX is designed to be used with the majority of your business clients at least once per year. There are 4 primary ways that Accountants use it:

  • Part of annual business workflow. By using the business performance review to see the past 3 years historical trends
  • As a selling tool. By showing the client the opportunities that lie within their business to improve revenue, profit and cash flow
  • As a service delivery tool. Using the planning, monitoring or cashflow modules with the business advisory content in the supporting toolkit
  • As a customer service tool. Alerting Accountants to the good and the bad in their client base – real time.

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