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EOFY Article: How to make 2016 your best year ever - In just 7 steps

How to make 2016 your best year ever – IN JUST 7 STEPS

As we approach the end of the financial year, many accountants are frantically finishing off 2014 compliance work, meeting with clients for tax planning and looking forward to a well earned break before starting the same routine all over again in July. It doesn’t have to be that way. Consider this seven point approach, adopted by firms around Australia with three aims in mind.

Real Time Accountant

In this 22 page report you will receive a full breakdown on the 10 indicators that separate redundant (reactive) accountants from real time (proactive) accountants and what you can do to move into the real-time.

Free Chapter: Remaining Relevant by Rob Nixon

Remaining Relevant

Rob Nixon’s new book is practical and practiced advice for accountants to remain relevant in a ‘disrupted’ industry. Read the first chapter of Remaining relevant “The way of dinosaur”.

Free Report: Disruption in the Accounting Profession

Disruption Report

We live in a world of disruption. Industries all over the world are being disrupted by technological advancement, social change and innovative thinking.

18 Step Workflow Process

Why is it that accountant’s work in progress (WIP) management is well above 10 days and debtors are more than 10 days? There is only one to blame – you. Typically the client controls the cash flow of the firm. It has everything to do with the way the firm sets the client up and then works with the client. Remember, it’s your business not your clients’ business. The relationship needs to be on your terms.

Building A Championship Team

What is better – team of champions or a championship team? Easy one – a ‘championship team’ will out-perform a ‘team of champions’ every time. So how do you create one? There are five key questions that you need to ask yourself (and then act on) in this article, as you build a championship team.

Values, Standards, Culture

Every business has values, culture and service standards but very few have them documented. And even fewer live by them. The article is by Rob Nixon. He shares PANALITIX’s successful formula to keep the team’s passion alive.


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